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“I have known Dr. Rice for a number of years and happily give my recommendation. He has always made himself available to my clients who are in need of his services. He has a compassionate ear and shares thoughtful insights in a non-judgmental manner.”

Paul M. Hughes, Attorney www.AttorneyHughes.com

“For more than three decades it has been my honor and pleasure to have collaborated with Dr. Rice in our mutual pursuit of relieving the distress in people who have suffered with various emotional stress reactions. We have readily referred to one another in mutual trust and confidence.”

Edward A. Nol, M.D. Diplomat, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

“As an attorney who has worked in the area of domestic relations for almost 40 years, I have found that it is invaluable to have competent, honest and caring psychologists to help work out problems with my clients. My first instinct as both an attorney and a human being is to counsel couples with children to stay together. If they do not relate to me in the areas of substance abuse, physical and mental abuse, or ongoing adultery, I believe, as do the professionals whom I have spoken to, that the marriage is salvageable. Dr. Ron Rice has proven to be an invaluable aid in helping couples with marital therapy either work through their problems or amicably more through and past divorce. This allows the couples to proceed with their life without deep emotional scarring. More importantly, it allows their children to avoid the severe emotional pain that occurs when parents are fighting. Dr. Rice is accessible and caring. My feedback from clients who have seen Dr. Rice has always been positive. He is respected by the Friend of the Court and the Courts. Dr. Rice is also extremely helpful with couples already divorced who have problems with communicating, with parenting time and solving other problems incident to divorce. The same humanistic techniques he uses in marital counseling work with people who are already divorced. Either individually or together, long court battles are avoided when Dr. Rice is able to counsel people to do what is in not only in their best interest, but in the interest of their children. In my practice, I feel confident in referring my clients to Dr. Ron Rice, knowing that they will receive appropriate, honest and caring therapy.”

Daniel H. Moss, Attorney 30665 Northwestern Highway Suite 200 Farmington Hills, MI 48334 (248) 855-5656

Client Testimonials

“Dr. Rice is a miracle worker!!! I have been in and out of therapy for most of my life. I’m 49 years old and have seen about 12 different therapists. Dr. Rice is a no nonsense type of therapist. He doesn’t sugar coat anything, and tells it exactly the way it is. Dr. Rice was the first therapist to suggest that I might be bipolar. He referred me to a psychiatrist who indeed confirmed that I am bipolar 2. I was prescribed the proper medication which has made a tremendous improvement in my life. Once the medication kicked in, Dr. Rice worked with me on behavioral issues and how to be a mature adult, husband, and father. Dr. Rice taught my wife and I how to evolve into a mature, healthy couple. Dr. Rice was honest, unbiased, and diligent in teaching us how to build a strong foundation for our marriage. In short, Dr. Rice saved my life and my marriage.”


“Dr. Rice has been very helpful to my family and my adolescent son. My son had gone to other therapists for over six years with limited progress. We had almost given up on therapy but then we met Dr. Rice. In a family therapy setting, our son and family have made more progress in the past 6 months that we had made in the previous 6 years. Dr. Rice’s extensive experience, personality, and knowledge of how help families work more effectively has made all the difference.”


“Psychologist who not only listens, but truly Hears! As an individual therapist or a couples’ counselor, he is insightful, perceptive and honest! He values your life and your time as he does his own. He will get you ‘there’ without keeping you there.”


“My wife and I had tried everything to make our marriage work. We had been through two previous marriage counselors yet we didn’t seem to have the tools to make our marriage work. That is when we found Dr. Ron Rice. We began to see him on a weekly basis and he helped us work through our issues and gave us the tools to create a relationship that is now filled with love, compassion and understanding. I don’t believe I would be married today if it were not for the professional help we received from Dr. Ron Rice. Dr. Rice never made either of us feel as if we were wrong. He was able to help us understand and appreciate each other’s weaknesses and strengths. Dr. Ron Rice was able to help us erase the line in the sand we had drawn and gave us the vehicle to meet each other in the middle. Without Dr. Ron Rice, my marriage would not be as meaningful as it is today. We owe a load of gratitude to Dr. Rice for saving our marriage.”


“When I first came in to see Dr. Rice, I was depressed, lost, and helpless. I had recently got out of a relationship that I thought had potential for the future. When it did not, I was crushed. Dr. Rice helped me develop my emotional maturity and become the person I am today. I amaze myself at how much I have learned and how much more of an adult I am versus the child I was. I have encouraged my female friends to see him when they are going through similar problems. I thank him for improving my relationships with my friends and helping me find that partner in life. Also, I thank him for helping me make boundaries with my parents, friends, and significant others.”


“The day my wife confessed her infidelity, I felt this sudden profound pain in my gut that left me disoriented and in shock. It was on a weekend and I couldn’t stand it. Dr. Rice returned our call and agreed to meet with us immediately. He explained the nature of the emotional road ahead. He was realistic about our chances to patch our life back together. In fact, he assured us that if we worked through the process that we would not just survive but that our marriage would be better than we ever thought possible despite the horrible hole I felt at that time. Over the subsequent year, I learned so much about myself and marriage. My goals to restore my confidence and see that I had nothing to do with my wife’s choice were finally and completely met. The process took about a year. There was much work to be done and many bumps along the way. Dr. Rice was there for us during the roughest moments whenever they occurred with a call or a meeting. We never felt pressured and each session had productive endpoints. Our marriage not only survived, but we both love and adore one another more than ever. My wife and I will have long and lasting gratitude to Dr. Rice for his kind, caring, and expert guidance through the worst crisis of our lives.”


“Dr. Rice gave me my life back. Few know that I was a housebound agoraphobic in my twenties. For two years, I could not leave my home to even see a doctor. Dr. Rice was kind enough to make house visits and between therapy, exercises, and medication, I was able to beat this anxiety disease. Mine is a success story which would have never happened without his assistance.”


“The greatest praise we get is from our patients, because it proves we helped them!”

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