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For more than a quarter century, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Ron Rice has been helping individuals, couples and families strengthen their relationships, correct their problems and find the best way to enjoy their lives!

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Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy


    Sometimes you simply can’t work out one or more personal problems and need a third party to untangle this emotional web.
    One or more of the problems listed below may apply to you. Dr. Rice has over 25 years of experience helping people deal with all these problems. For help, give him a call at (248) 760-2571. Asking for help is a sign of strength not weakness.

    Marital Problems

    Every marriage hits the proverbial bump in the road at some point. While it may seem insurmountable, it isn’t always. Sometimes it just takes a professional to help a couple get back to having a strong, fruitful marriage. For help, give him a call at (248) 760-2571.

    Divorce Counseling

    Signing the paperwork is far from the end of the stress of divorce. Dr. Ron Rice has the principles for navigating the emotional post divorce issues available to you. Call Dr. Rice today at (248) 760-2571 and learn how to move past your divorce and begin enjoying your life once again.

    Anxiety Problems

    Anxiety is treatable! Dr. Ron Rice is standing by to help you learn the techniques to overcome any anxiety problem. Call Dr. Rice today for assistance at (248) 760-2571.


    Don’t allow depression to overwhelm you! Work with Dr. Ron Rice today, and he’ll show you the steps to coping and overcoming the pain and suffering that comes from being depressed. Call Dr. Rice at (248) 760-2571 today. 

    Sexual Therapy

    There’s no embarrassment in having sexual issues. The only embarrassment comes from not taking the steps to understand and correct them. Dr. Ron Rice is available confidentially to help you return to having a fulfilling sex life. Call today at (248) 760-2571.

    Self Esteem

    Are you not at your best because you lack strong self esteem? Don’t let this be a problem that stops you from being the great person you are. Call Dr. Rice today at (248) 760-2571 and begin the journey to having more confidence and pride in yourself.

    Parenting Skills

    Parenting a child today is an undaunting challenge which can be overwhelming. Dr. Ron Rice knows this, and specializes in assisting parents to better raise their children in a way that’s fulfilling to both the parent and the child. Call Dr. Rice today at (248) 760-2571 and begin the journey to a more fulfilling parent/child relationship.

    Humanistic Psychotherapy

    Are you ready to see, live and understand what it is about you that makes you good and special? Dr. Ron Rice will assist you in discovering the vast resources you have to solve life’s problems. Call Dr. Rice at (248) 760-2571 now!

    Dr. Ron Rice, PHD

    Dr. Ron Rice brings an impressive array of credentials to his practice. He excelled at top-notch universities earning honors in graduate school. For over 25 years, Dr. Rice has dedicated his career to expanding his expertise. He has worked with individuals and families in a wide variety of circumstances, from counseling and evaluation to family therapy and consultation with mental health community programs. 

    Dr. Ron Rice

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