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Being happy in your marriage can sometimes seem like a huge challenge. There will inevitably be times in any marriage where you hit a bit of a rough patch and you’ll need to make an effort to get through it. This is completely normal!

That’s why in today’s blog I’d like to share a little something that I think can improve a marriage. As a therapist who specializes in marriage counseling, I have a fair bit of experience in helping couples to solve their relationship problems. That’s why if you’re having issues, this suggestion can help you to bond with one another in a unique way.

Take a Trip Together

We all have routines and sometimes the exact thing that we all need is to experience something new. That’s why I highly suggest taking a trip with your significant other if things feel like they’re getting to be a challenge. You don’t have to go overboard and book a plane trip to Paris or anything like that, of course. Each couple will differ in what they’d like to do, but there is sure to be some overlap regarding places you would like to visit.

It could be as simple as a weekend trip to be tourists in a neighboring town, or you could fly to the opposite coast and spend a day or two at the beach. Or, of course, you certainly could hop and a plane and go to Paris! The point is simply to mix things up a bit and experience something new as a couple.

Focus on Fun

While you’re on your trip, make it a point to bond with one another over your shared experience. Head to a local museum, visit a small bakery, or see a play. The key is to do something that you can talk about with one another and make it a point to focus on fun at every step of the way.

Get silly with each other. Make one another laugh. Make it your intention to be lighthearted.

Will this solve all of your problems? Probably not, but as they say, laughter is often the best medicine and enjoying the company of the one you’re with truly can go a long way. Give it a try and see for yourself!