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Depression Test

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Facing depression or even just acknowledging its presence can be difficult. This test is adapted from the test used for the National Depression Day Screening which is conducted every October, nationwide.

Read each sentence carefully. For each statement, check the bubble in the column that best corresponds to how often you have felt that way during the past two weeks. Simply click on the appropriate button, and when you have answered all of the questions, click the Total button. You can print this form and manually apply the values shown to the right for each answer. Your privacy is respected here. Your results are not reported in any fashion. They are for your use and the use of your therapist.

None or little of the time Some of the time Good part of the time Most or all of the time
I feel downhearted, blue, and sad.
Morning is when I feel the best.
I have crying spells or feel like it.
I have trouble sleeping through the night.
I eat as much as I used to. (If you are on a diet, answer as if you were not.)
I enjoy looking at, talking to, and being with attractive women/men.
I notice that I am losing weight. (If you are on a diet, answer as if you were not.)
I have trouble with constipation.
My heart beats faster than usual.
I get tired for no reason.
My mind is as clear as it used to be.
I find it easy to do the things I used to do.
I am restless and can’t keep still.
I feel hopeful about the future.
I am more irritable than usual.
I find it easy to make decisions.
I feel that I am useful and needed.
My life is pretty full.
I feel that others would be better off if I were dead.
I still enjoy the things I used to do.

Total: 0

What Your Scores Mean:

  • 0 – 40: Within normal range, no psychopathology.
  • 41 – 47: Presence of minimal to mild depression.
  • 48 – 55: Presence of moderate to marked depression.
  • 56 – 60: Presence of severe to extreme depression.

Remember that depression is 100% treatable. With psychotherapy and/or medication, you can expect to feel much better after only a few weeks. If you believe you are depressed, be proactive. Take action.

“Depression is 100% Treatable, but rarely by ones self! There’s NO shame in getting help!”

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