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There’s absolutely no doubt about it–work can be stressful! Between coordinating timelines and dealing with the requests of a demanding boss, it can be pretty hard to take sometimes. If you suffer from anxiety, it’s that much worse.

As a clinical psychologist, I’ve treated countless people for the anxiety that they deal with while they’re on the job. As you can probably imagine, it’s a common request to get counseling services for this very thing! That’s why in today’s blog, I’d like to share a few tips for how you can deal with some of the anxiety that you’re experiencing at work. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Deal With Anxiety at Work

Go For a Walk

One of the best things you can do to combat your anxiety while you’re in the office is to head out for a walk. Take some deep breaths and just get away for a bit. If you’re in Farmington Hills, you know that it’s been pretty chilly lately. If you’re okay with the weather, taking a walk in the brisk cold can be helpful.

If the weather is just too cold, take a walk around the inside of the office. Head to the kitchen and grab a drink or head to the front door and just take a look outside for awhile.

Chat With a Trusted Coworker

Sometimes you just need to get some of that anxiety off of your chest. If that’s the case, you can talk with a coworker that you trust about what’s going on. Your company likely also has an HR person that you can talk with and he or she will be understanding about your situation.

At the end of the day, what matters is that you simply have someone to talk to. If you feel that there is no one to talk with at work, then keep in mind that I offer counseling services and I’d be happy to chat with you about anything you’d like.

Realize That It Might Be Time to Part Ways

Of course this isn’t always going to be the solution, but sometimes it’s good to realize that the job you’re working just isn’t the right one for you. Putting in your notice and finding something else can feel like a stressful endeavor, but when it comes to your health, sometimes this is the best option.

In this day and age, switching jobs is commonplace and finding something that’s a better fit for you might just be easier than you think.